Hand in hand with Twyford, Multiplication confidence

2016-09-28 14:18:48 SUNDA 5803

Hand in hand with Twyford, Multiplication confidence

- Nairobi Dealer Visit Twyford new ceramic factory

At 10:00 on September 20 in 2016, around Nairobi 28 contractual customers meet Twyford hosemart project ceramics showroom, out together to visit the new Twyford ceramic factory which is located in Umma University in Kajiado nearby.

                       Photo before departure

Twyford ceramics factory in Kenya covers an area of nearly 300,000 square meters, planning the first line of the average daily production capacity of 25,000 square meters tiles.It is currently the most advanced of the entire ceramic production lines in Kenya.



                            Factory appearance


Twyford ceramics factory, the overall planning of three production lines. The first production line in the upcoming mid-November ignition, the first line of production 400X400,300x300 specifications tiles, due to the use of advanced ceramic production equipment, Twyford ceramics will have a more mature and stable product supply to ensure that the product variety.



                                Visit the production facilities

Under the leadership of the factory engineer, all of the customers visited Twyford ceramics whole production line, and each of the core areas have been explained. Customers had seriously listened to the physical performances of the production processes equipment,and had more firm belief of the product quality which produce by Twyford ceramics.



                            explain Ceramic production equipment

A comprehensive understanding of the product line later, the scene customers have a more firm belief in the development of the Twyford ceramics brand agency, Twyford ceramics has always been to high-quality product quality, superior price advantage obtained Kenyan consumers. they believe in the new ceramic factory production will further optimize the product structure, while the production capacity needs will be resolved.

Agencies   photograph