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To enhance safety awareness of all employees, to further strengthen the factory’s production safety management, reduce security risks, the company decided to carry out its maiden “Safety Month" activities in June at the factory.

Safety month campaign was successfully launched on 1st  June 2016.  Groups were set up to developed and implement strategies. This year’s Safety Month theme focused on “ENHANCE SAFETY DEVELOPMENT, STRENGTHEN EMPLOYEES’SAFETY”. Activities included;Presentation of essays on safety, safety pictures competition, fire safety and emergency drills and football match competition.

After massive campaign the long awaited Safety Month activities took place on 18th June 2016, more than 200 people attended the event. The event was graced with the presence of Mr Yu the overall strategy and Group Human Resources Director from Sunda international headquarters (China), Mr. Li Yue Xin, the factory’s director and all departmental managers.

Mr Yu in his opening address recommended the factory management for the initiation of safety month into the factory. He further admonished all employees to have “safety first” mentality.  Next, the Factory director of Mr. Li Yue Xin explained the "Origin of Safety Month". In addition he cautioned everyone that, it’s not only "Safety Month" that employees should pay attention to safety in production, but it should be the daily lifestyle of everyone, to avoid occurrence of casualties.

Opening address by Mr. Yu (Sunda International HR Director)

Speech by Mr. Li (Factory Director)


Afterwards, each representative from the various departments presented their essays on Safety. Though the competition was very keen, our impartial judges gave their mark accordingly. In addition,pictures on safety where presented. By the end of thesesessions, all employees had an impressive and an in-depth understanding on all aspect of safety and it measures.

Safety essay competition

Safety pictures competition

At 10:30 am, the management conducted a fire emergency exercise in the company. The idea was to enable employees to practice and become proficient in the use of fire-fighting equipment and facilities. During the exercise, Mr Li Yue Xin (Factory’s Director) explained what factory fire safety entails and it requirement. He further entreated all employees to firmly imbibe "safety first, Prevention first" thinking.

Fire emergency exercise

In the afternoon we had an exciting football match competition. This was the company’s second edition football match competition. We believe football game, enhances the friendship between management and the employees, it enriches our life as workers and promote culture. active culture.

Homepro second edition football match

Finally, Mr. Li Yue Xin with some departmental managers presented awards to departments and individuals with outstanding performances in the various activities. This year’s “Safety Month” activities were indeed successful!

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Reported by: Paulina Fosu

20th June 2016